Gustave Garrigou

Born24 September 1884
Died28 January 1963
SportRoad cycling
Professional career1906-1914
Best known forWinning the Tour de France in 1911

French road cyclist Gustave Garrigou was born on September 24, 1884, and he passed away on January 28, 1963. His birthday was September 24. During the years 1906 and 1914, he competed as a professional cyclist, and he is most well-known for his victory in the Tour de France in 1911.

Garrigou was given his start in cycling as an amateur. He was born in Vabre, which is located in France. In 1906, he made the transition to the professional ranks, and he was rapidly established as one of the best cyclists of his era. In addition to his victory in the Tour de France in 1911, he had six other finishes in the top ten of that event between the years 1907 and 1914. In 1913, he also triumphed in the race between Paris and Roubaix.

Garrigou’s professional cycling career was derailed by World War I, and he did not make a comeback to the sport once the conflict had ended. After that, he opened and managed a thriving bicycle shop in Paris, and he continued to be active in the cycling community by organizing several cycling competitions.

It is generally agreed that Gustave Garrigou was one of the most accomplished cyclists of the early 20th century. He was well-known for his powerful climbing talents as well as his combative approach to racing. In addition to this, he was a well-liked figure among fans and fellow cyclists, who admired his upbeat demeanor and admiration for his sportsmanship.

Gustave Garrigou’s greatest successes:

19073rd place in the Tour de France
19082nd place in the Tour de France
19102nd place in the Tour de France
1911Winner of the Tour de France
19122nd place in the Tour de France
1913Winner of Paris-Roubaix
19145th place in the Tour de France

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