Maurice DeWaele

December 27, 1896
Kachtem, Belgium
Road cyclist

Maurice DeWaele was an active Belgian road cyclist in the 1920s and 1930s. Born in Kachtem, Belgium, on December 27, 1896, he began his professional cycling career with the Elvish team in 1920. Throughout his career, DeWaele was renowned for his climbing talents, and he won a number of major mountain stages.

The 1929 Tour de France triumph, in which he won two stages and finished more than a half-hour ahead of his nearest challenger, was one of DeWaele’s most notable career accomplishments. Four other Tours saw him finish in the top ten, including a second-place result in 1927. In 1929, in addition to winning the Tour de France, DeWaele also won the Critérium des As, a predecessor to the World Road Race Championships.

DeWaele was recognized outside of cycling for his quiet personality and rigorous training routine. At the age of 38, he resigned from professional racing in 1934. After retiring, he founded a bicycle business in his birthplace of Kachtem, where he remained employed until his passing in 1952.

Maurice DeWaele’s Greatest Achievements:

1929Winner, Tour de France
1929Winner, Critérium des As
19272nd place, Tour de France
19253rd place, Tour de France
19286th place, Tour de France
19308th place, Tour de France
19253rd place, Paris–Roubaix

Note: Maurice DeWaele’s career took place in the pre-World War II era, and there is limited data available on his career achievements. The list above represents his most significant accomplishments based on available records.

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