Philippe Thys

BornOctober 8, 1889
DiedJanuary 16, 1971
Height175 cm
Weight66 kg
Professional Career1910-1928
Best Known ForWinning the Tour de France three times (1913, 1914, 1920)

Born in Belgium on October 8th, 1889, Philippe Thys was a professional road cyclist who competed in races all over the world. The fact that he triumphed in the Tour de France on three separate occasions during his career (1913, 1914, and 1920) is the primary reason for his notoriety. Thys was a dominant rider during his day, and his victories at the Tour de France were more notable due to the fact that he won during a time when the race was significantly more arduous and hard than it is today.

In addition to his three triumphs at the Tour de France, Thys’s career was punctuated by a number of other significant accomplishments. In 1917, he was victorious in the Giro d’Italia, and in 1912 and 1914, he was first to cross the finish line in the Belgian National Road Race Championship. Thys was noted for his exceptional climbing and time trial ability, and he finished in the top 10 at the Tour de France on six separate occasions. He was also a consistent performer who placed in the top ten overall.

Thys was born in the Belgian city of Anderlecht, and he began his career as a cyclist as a youth, winning his first race when he was 17 years old. In 1910, he made the transition to the professional circuit and almost immediately established himself as one of the most accomplished riders of his day. Following his retirement from professional riding in 1928, Thys began a career as a journalist, covering the sport of cycling, in which he had excelled for a significant amount of time.

The following are Philippe Thys’s most notable accomplishments:

1913Winner of the Tour de France
1914Winner of the Tour de France
1917Winner of the Giro d’Italia
19192nd place at the Tour de France
1920Winner of the Tour de France
19222nd place at the Tour de France
19243rd place at the Tour de France

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