700c Tire on 29er Bike: Possible or Not?

The tires on our bikes can greatly influence how we ride. They impact speed, grip, and how the bike handles. Choosing the right size is key, but what if we have different types of tires and bikes? 

Specifically, what if we try to fit a 700C tire, usually seen on road bikes, onto a 29er mountain bike?

This might seem like a complex question, but don’t worry! In this article, we will break it down and explore if a 700C tire can indeed be used on a 29er bike, and what you need to consider before making such a swap.

Simple, practical, and straight to the point – that’s our goal. 

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Key Takeaway

700c Tire on 29er Bike: Possible or Not?
  • You can fit a 700C tire on a 29er bike and vice versa due to their similar diameters, but the rim and tire width compatibility is crucial.
  • Check your rim and tire measurements carefully before deciding on a swap to ensure compatibility.
  • The riding conditions you’ll encounter are important factors in deciding whether to use a 700C road tire or a 29er mountain bike tire.
  • Changing tires can significantly influence your bike’s handling, so it’s essential to weigh how this will impact your riding experience.
  • Always confirm the maximum recommended tire pressure for your rims, especially when considering using high-pressure road tires on a 29er rim.

Understanding 700C and 29er Sizing

Let’s say you have a 700C tire and a 29er bike. You might wonder, can you use them together? The answer is yes, you can. But before you rush off to do so, it’s essential to understand some basic things about bike tires and how they fit.

700C tires and 29er tires are the same size. They both have the same outside diameter – 700mm. That’s why they can fit on each other’s rims. But there’s more to tires than just diameter. 

While the diameter of the 700C and 29er tires is the same, it doesn’t mean all 700C tires will fit all 29er bikes, and vice versa. You have to check if the tire is compatible with the rim width of your bike.

So, how do you check the compatibility? You can usually find the range of acceptable tire widths for your rims in your bike’s manual or by looking up the guidelines from the rim manufacturer.

Can You Put a Road Tire on a Mountain Bike?

700C tires are usually found on road bikes, while 29er rims are found on mountain bikes. You might wonder if you can put a 700C road tire on a 29er rim. You can, but you need to make sure the tire pressure is within the rim’s maximum recommended pressure.

What about the other way round – using 29er mountain bike tires on 700C wheels? This is also possible. But the outcomes may vary because of different factors like the bike frame and wheel design.

One important thing to remember if you’re thinking about using a very narrow 700C tire (25C or smaller) on a wide 29er rim is that it could cause damage to the tires. So, it’s best to avoid this kind of setup.

Understanding the Intricacies of Tires and Rims

So far, we’ve established the possibility of fitting a 700C tire onto a 29er bike. But how does this compatibility work exactly? Let’s dive a bit deeper to unravel the intricacies of bike tires and rims.

Bike Tires

When we talk about bike tires, we’re not just talking about rubber rings. A bike tire consists of several parts, each contributing to its performance and compatibility with different rims.

The Anatomy of a Bike Tire

A typical bike tire consists of the tread, the carcass, and the bead. The tread is the outer part that comes into contact with the road. The carcass is the body of the tire, usually made up of layers of fabric. The bead is the part of the tire that engages with the rim.

The Importance of Tire Width

The tire width is an essential factor when it comes to fitting a tire onto a rim. It’s not just the diameter that needs to match; the width of the tire must be within the rim’s range of acceptable widths.

What’s a 700C Tire?

When we talk about 700C tires, we’re usually referring to road bike tires. These tires are typically narrow, with widths ranging from 23mm to 32mm. They are designed for smooth, paved surfaces and are generally inflated to high pressures.

What’s a 29er Tire?

On the other hand, 29er tires are wider and have more aggressive treads. These tires are found on 29er mountain bikes, which are named for their 29-inch wheels. The typical width for 29er tires ranges from 2 to 2.4 inches, which is around 50 to 60mm.

The Story Behind 700C and 29er Sizes

You might wonder why 700C tires and 29er tires have the same diameter but different names. The reason lies in the history of bike tire sizing. The 700C size comes from a French sizing system, while the 29er size comes from an American system. But despite the different names, the outside diameter of the tire is the same.

How to Check Tire and Rim Compatibility

Given that we’ve established the importance of tire width and its compatibility with rim width, the next step is to understand how to check for this compatibility.

Getting to Know Your Bike’s Rim

Your bike’s rim is more than just a circular metal piece. It has specific dimensions and features designed to match a particular tire size and width. It’s essential to know these specifications before swapping out your tires.

Reading the Measurements

Most rims come with size markings that help you identify their diameter and width. These are typically etched on the rim or printed on a sticker. The diameter will usually be marked in millimeters (mm) or inches (“). The width, however, is generally only marked in millimeters.

Getting to Know Your Bike’s Tire

Just like the rim, your bike’s tire also comes with markings. These will indicate its diameter and width. The diameter is usually shown in inches (“) or as a ‘700C’ for road bikes. The width is measured in millimeters (mm) or inches (“) depending on the tire type.

Comparing the Rim and Tire Measurements

With the measurements in hand, the next step is to compare these with the desired tire size. If the tire width falls within the acceptable range for the rim width, you’re good to go. If not, you may need to consider getting a different tire or rim to ensure compatibility and safety.

Using a Tire Size Chart

If the math seems a bit overwhelming, don’t worry. There are plenty of tire size charts available online that can do the work for you. All you need to do is input your rim and tire measurements, and the chart will tell you if they’re compatible.

Factors to Consider Before Swapping Tires

You might now be wondering, “I know my 700C tire fits my 29er bike, but should I really go ahead with the swap?” That’s a valid question. There are a few factors you need to consider before making the switch.

Riding Conditions

Consider the terrain and conditions you’ll be riding in. A 700C road tire might not perform well in off-road conditions that a 29er mountain bike tire is designed for, and vice versa.

Bike Handling

Also, keep in mind that changing your tires can affect your bike’s handling. Road tires might make a 29er bike feel faster on pavement, but they could also make it less stable on rough trails.

Rim Pressure Capacity

If you’re considering using a high-pressure road tire on a 29er rim, make sure to check the rim’s maximum recommended tire pressure. Road rims are typically designed to handle higher pressures than mountain bike rims.


In conclusion, it’s possible to use a 700C tire on a 29er bike. But you need to keep a few things in mind. Check the rim width, make sure the pressure is right, and avoid using very narrow tires on wide rims. Only then can you make an informed decision about whether the swap will benefit you? Happy cycling!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put a 700C tire on a 29er bike?

Yes, you can. The 700C tire and the 29er are the same size. They both have the same outside diameter of 700mm.

What do I need to check before swapping tires?

The main thing to check is the width of your bike’s rim and the tire. They need to fit together well. If they are not a good match, you might have problems.

Are there any risks involved in this?

Yes, there can be risks. Road tires are thin. They might not be able to handle rough surfaces as well as mountain bike tires. So, you should be careful.

Can I use any type of 700C tire?

Yes, there can be risks. Road tires are thin. They might not be able to handle rough surfaces as well as mountain bike tires. So, you should be careful.

Will changing the tires make any difference?

Yes, changing tires can change your bike’s performance. For example, a road tire on a mountain bike can make your bike ride faster on smooth roads.

Can I use any type of 700C tire?

No, not all 700C tires will work. Narrow tires (25C and below) may not fit well on wide rims. This mismatch can cause damage to the tires.

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