Are Bell Helmets Good? Here Comes the Answer!

Among the myriad of brands available, Bell helmets often spark the interest of many riders due to their reputation for quality, safety, and a broad range of designs.

Are they a worthwhile investment, though? 

We will delve into this question, exploring Bell’s history, testing standards, product variety, and overall performance.

We’ll also address some criticisms, ensuring you get a comprehensive picture.

Finally, this article will equip you with knowledge and practical advice to help you decide if Bell helmets meet your needs. 

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Key Takeaways

Are Bell Helmets Good? Here Comes the Answer!
  • Bell is a highly respected brand in the helmet industry thanks to its long-standing commitment to safety and quality.
  • Bell helmets met safety standards and were the first to incorporate the revolutionary MIPS technology, significantly enhancing helmet safety.
  • Despite minor issues regarding adjustments, Bell helmets excel in terms of overall build quality.
  • Compared to other brands, Bell helmets hold their ground due to their superior safety features and comfort.
  • Although slightly pricier, Bell helmets are a worthwhile investment for their comprehensive safety features and overall build quality.

Evaluating the Quality of Bell Helmets

Bell helmets are often a brand that is tossed into the conversation. But are they good? To assess this, we can look into several key factors.

Trusted Brand with Historic Innovations

Bell has been a pioneer in the helmet industry since the 1970s, making it an established and trusted brand.

In addition, they are lauded for inventing the modern bicycle helmet, demonstrating a commitment to safety innovation that still defines their brand today.

High Standards for Safety

In terms of safety, Bell doesn’t just meet the minimum requirements. For example, their helmets not only comply with CPSC standards but also undergo further rigorous testing to ensure maximum safety.

Bell’s dedication to safety is one of the reasons why they are held in high regard in the cycling community.

Variety and Versatility

Diversity is a key feature of Bell helmets. They cater to different genders, styles, and types of riding by providing a wide variety of designs.

This includes everything from full face to open face, rally to karting, and dirt racing to offshore helmets. This shows Bell’s commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its customers.

Quality of Materials

Material quality is crucial when it comes to helmet safety. Bell uses high-quality materials to construct helmets, contributing to its impressive safety records.

Furthermore, users receive their helmets well, with most products earning a rating above four stars.

Bell’s Performance in the Market

When compared with other helmet brands, Bell often comes out on top. Their Race Star Flex helmet, in particular, has been highlighted as one of the best motorcycle helmets available, receiving a five-star rating from the UK’s Sharp rating agency.

Potential Drawbacks

Despite the numerous benefits, it’s important to note that some users have reported drawbacks with Bell helmets.

Complaints mainly center around the weight and comfort of certain models and perceived weaknesses in sound protection.

As with any product, individual experiences will vary, and these potential cons should be weighed against the numerous pros.

Comparing Bell Helmets to Other Brands

To fully grasp the quality of Bell helmets, it’s essential to compare them with other brands in the helmet industry.

By doing so, we can understand where Bell stands regarding price, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Value for Money

Regarding price, Bell helmets often provide good value for the quality they deliver. The brand offers helmets at various prices, ensuring something for everyone, regardless of budget.

However, like any product, high-end models are priced accordingly.

Helmet Design and Comfort

In terms of design and comfort, Bell’s extensive range of helmet styles allows for a personalized fit.

However, some users have raised concerns about comfort, suggesting that certain models could be improved. Comparatively, other brands also receive similar feedback, indicating that comfort is subjective and varies with individual preferences.

Customer Satisfaction

One key indicator of a product’s quality is customer satisfaction. As mentioned, Bell helmets typically receive high ratings, demonstrating overall user satisfaction.

This suggests that most buyers find Bell helmets worthwhile despite minor drawbacks.


Choosing the right helmet involves considering numerous factors, including safety standards, design preferences, material quality, and market reputation.

Bell helmets check many of these boxes, making them a good choice for many riders.

However, as with personal protective equipment, potential buyers should research and try different models to find the helmet that best suits their needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Bell maintain safety standards in their helmets?

Bell helmets meet and often exceed safety standards due to their rigorous testing procedures and incorporation of innovative safety technologies, such as MIPS.

Is MIPS a unique feature in Bell helmets?

Bell was the first helmet brand to adopt MIPS, but this technology is now found in many other brands. However, Bell’s early adoption highlights its commitment to rider safety.

How do Bell helmets compare to other brands in terms of quality and price?

While Bell helmets may be slightly more expensive, their exceptional build quality, safety features, and comfort justify the investment.

Are Bell helmets difficult to adjust?

Some users find Bell helmets a bit finicky to adjust compared to other brands, but this does not compromise their overall performance or safety.

Why choose Bell over other helmet brands?

Choosing Bell means investing in a brand with a proven safety, comfort, and quality track record. Their pioneering role in helmet safety and consistently delivering high-quality products make them a trusted choice.

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