Grand Tour Results

The Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, and Vuelta a España are Europe’s three grand tours. World-class cyclists compete in these races.

Each three-week event has stages that take riders through different landscapes. Individual time trials and mass-start races occur on flat, hilly, or mountainous stages.

The Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, and Vuelta a España honor riders and teams with the Yellow Jersey, Pink Jersey, and Red Jersey. Cyclists compete for stage wins, overall classification, and distinctive jerseys like the Green Jersey for sprinters and the Polka Dot Jersey for climbers.

The Grand Tours’ steep climbs, spectacular stages, and dramatic finishes attract spectators worldwide. Many festivities and activities keep fans entertained and make the races unique.

RacesTour de France, Giro d’Italia, Vuelta a España
Duration3 weeks
StagesFlat, hilly or mountainous
Race typesIndividual time trials and mass-start races
PrizesYellow Jersey (Tour de France), Pink Jersey (Giro d’Italia), Red Jersey (Vuelta a España)
Special jerseysGreen Jersey (best sprinter), Polka Dot Jersey (best climber)
Known forChallenging climbs, exciting stages, and dramatic finishes
PopularityPopular with fans and riders worldwide
TraditionOver 100 years old

Here you can find the winners of the Grand Tour races from 1980 till today:

1990Tour de FranceGreg LeMond
1990Giro d’ItaliaFranco Chioccioli
1990Vuelta a EspañaGianni Bugno
1991Tour de FranceMiguel Indurain
1991Giro d’ItaliaFranco Chioccioli
1991Vuelta a EspañaJavier Murguialday
1992Tour de FranceMiguel Indurain
1992Giro d’ItaliaMiguel Indurain
1992Vuelta a EspañaTony Rominger
1993Tour de FranceMiguel Indurain
1993Giro d’ItaliaMiguel Indurain
1993Vuelta a EspañaTony Rominger
1994Tour de FranceMiguel Indurain
1994Giro d’ItaliaEvgeni Berzin
1994Vuelta a EspañaRoberto Heras
1995Tour de FranceMiguel Indurain
1995Giro d’ItaliaTony Rominger
1995Vuelta a EspañaLaurent Jalabert
1996Tour de FranceBjarne Riis
1996Giro d’ItaliaPavel Tonkov
1996Vuelta a EspañaAlex Zülle
1997Tour de FranceJan Ullrich
1997Giro d’ItaliaIvan Gotti
1997Vuelta a EspañaAlex Zülle
1998Tour de FranceMarco Pantani
1998Giro d’ItaliaMarco Pantani
1998Vuelta a EspañaAbraham Olano
1999Tour de FranceLance Armstrong
1999Giro d’ItaliaIvan Gotti
1999Vuelta a EspañaJan Ullrich
2000Tour de FranceLance Armstrong
2000Giro d’ItaliaStefano Garzelli
2000Vuelta a EspañaRoberto Heras
2001Tour de FranceLance Armstrong
2001Giro d’ItaliaGilberto Simoni
2001Vuelta a EspañaAngel Casero
2002Tour de FranceLance Armstrong
2002Giro d’ItaliaPaolo Savoldelli
2002Vuelta a EspañaAitor Gonzalez
2003Tour de FranceLance Armstrong
2003Giro d’ItaliaGilberto Simoni
2003Vuelta a EspañaRoberto Heras
2004Tour de FranceLance Armstrong
2004Giro d’ItaliaDamiano Cunego
2004Vuelta a EspañaRoberto Heras
2005Tour de FranceLance Armstrong
2005Giro d’ItaliaPaolo Savoldelli
2005Vuelta a EspañaDenis Mench
2006Tour de FranceFloyd Landis
2006Giro d’ItaliaIvan Basso
2006Vuelta a EspañaAlexandre Vinokourov
2007Tour de FranceAlberto Contador
2007Giro d’ItaliaDanilo Di Luca
2007Vuelta a EspañaDenis Menchov
2008Tour de FranceCarlos Sastre
2008Giro d’ItaliaAlberto Contador
2008Vuelta a EspañaAlberto Contador
2009Tour de FranceAlberto Contador
2009Giro d’ItaliaDenis Menchov
2009Vuelta a EspañaAlejandro Valverde
2010Tour de FranceAndy Schleck
2010Giro d’ItaliaIvan Basso
2010Vuelta a EspañaVincenzo Nibali
2011Tour de FranceCadel Evans
2011Giro d’ItaliaMichele Scarponi
2011Vuelta a EspañaJuan José Cobo
2012Tour de FranceBradley Wiggins
2012Giro d’ItaliaRyder Hesjedal
2012Vuelta a EspañaAlberto Contador
2013Tour de FranceChris Froome
2013Giro d’ItaliaVincenzo Nibali
2013Vuelta a EspañaChris Horner
2014Tour de FranceVincenzo Nibali
2014Giro d’ItaliaNairo Quintana
2014Vuelta a EspañaAlberto Contador
2015Tour de FranceChris Froome
2015Giro d’ItaliaAlberto Contador
2015Vuelta a EspañaFabio Aru
2016Tour de FranceChris Froome
2016Giro d’ItaliaVincenzo Nibali
2016Vuelta a EspañaNairo Quintana
2017Tour de FranceChris Froome
2017Giro d’ItaliaTom Dumoulin
2017Vuelta a EspañaChris Froome
2018Tour de FranceGeraint Thomas
2018Giro d’ItaliaChris Froome
2018Vuelta a EspañaSimon Yates
2019Tour de FranceEgan Bernal
2019Giro d’ItaliaRichard Carapaz
2019Vuelta a EspañaPrimoz Roglic
2020Tour de FranceTadej Pogacar
2020Giro d’ItaliaTao Geoghegan Hart
2020Vuelta a EspañaPrimoz Roglic
2021Tour de FranceTadej Pogacar
2021Giro d’ItaliaEgan Bernal